“I took a SAP FI course AR, AP, and Foreign Currencies from November 2013-December 2013. As a result, of taking this course I got a short-term contract with ABM Canada Inc. as Accounts Payable Administrator where they used SAP FI program. After that, I landed a position as Special Services Associate with the Home Depot of Canada Inc. where they use SAP customer database. I use this SAP customer database when I am working at Home Depot of Canada Inc. I would not have landed these positions if not for taking the course with the Business Technical and Training College. The teacher was great as he had a lot of patience and understanding with me in learning the software.”


- Daniel Ritchie


“Yes, I like the flow of the course; Very useful, lot of information; the instructor was clear and direct”


- Susana R


“This course (QuickBooks – non Accountant) is what you need for employment purposes.  It also enhances my understanding in accounting”.


- Vivian


“I would like to thank you for teaching me QuickBooks.  I got a job yesterday as a Bookkeeper, the fact that I know QuickBooks help me to get hired”.


- Alexander 


"QuickBooks Course: For NON-ACCOUNTANT helped me understand accounting terminology as well the data entry process. I am much more confortable exploring QuickBooks features now."


- Vineca


"BTT played a significant role in my career transition. I actually got hands-on training in a real work environment. Their hands on approach of teaching are very effective, students learn by doing it. The Computerized Accounting Course and Microsoft Application Course that I took opened up the door of opportunities for me to get back into the field of endeavor I am interested in. In just a matter of one month of job haunting in I was placed by Account Temps to a growing e-business company where I was eventually hired permanently. I am very grateful I took these courses in this college."


- Lourdes


"All topics pertinet to my field of work were covered. I was shown new ways to use QuickBooks program to help my business functions."


- Maureen 

"All to me is perfect. Did not meet up any problems at all. Very friendly people and nice people to work with - professional people too."

- Lovemore

"I was thrilled to be the only student in the class and I had all my questions answered. I also learned more than I expected!"

- Jack