Whether individual, self-employed, small business or corporation, the tax system affects us all. Using a combination of tax software, concepts and rules, learn the tax process. BTT uses the latest in technology in tax preparation software, ProFile, approved by Canada Revenue Agencies.

Enjoy small class sizes, hands-on, one-to-one, step-by-step teaching and personalized instructor attention. NOTE: All tax preparation trainings are instructor-led. Students will be trained using problem solving case studies with common scenarios.

Income Tax (T1) - Personal Taxes - Level I

Increase your awareness of personal deductions for which you may be eligible!

• None: no experience necessary
• Basic reading, spelling skills
• Basic computer skills (recommended)

Income Tax (T1) - Self Employed / Small Business - Level II

This course focuses on a combination of personal income tax while self-employed with a small business.

• Income Tax Level I

Corporate Taxes(T2)

Corporate Tax defines the rules and regulations that governs a corporation; knowing ad applying correct schedules and forms accordingly

• Accounting concepts of financial statements
• Basic computer skills.

Upon completion of any one of the three tax courses, a certificate will be issued to the student to mark his/her achievement.

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