Business & Technical Training College provides Personal Income Tax (T1), Self-employed/Small Business Taxes and Corporation Taxes (T2) courses.

Earn extra income providing Tax preparation services with BTT's certification.

All training are instructor-led and will be trained using hands-on experience with workplace common case-scenarios.

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Income Tax (T1) - Level I - Personal Taxes

Personal Income Tax Course does NOT include individuals who are Self-employed. For those we offer "Self Employed and Small Business Taxes" Course.

This course will cover from most basic topics such as “Why am I Paying Taxes?” and “What are Tax Deductions?” to the most important topics such as the different Schedules, Forms and Slips that needs to be filled out. Learn about Ontario Trillium Benefits, GST/HST refunds, Children’s allowance and RRSP New Homes Buyers Plan.

Students will use the accredited tax software ProFile to enter Income/Salaries information from a T4/T4A Slips or T5 stocks/dividends as well as Expenses including Medical, Rent, Child Care, Moving, Transportation, Education, Property Tax and etc.

Income Tax (T1) - Level II - Self Employed / Small Business Taxes

Income Tax Level II focuses on the liability of income tax for individuals and small businesses. This course is comprehensive and teaches individual who maybe self-employed or have a small business, how to complete an income tax return.

Corporation Taxes (T2)

Complete a Corporation Tax Return (T2). Prepare from basic small business taxes accounting year to the most complex T2 tax returns using the accredited tax software ProFile, used by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

This course will combine the Taxation’s rules and regulations of Corporation Taxes and apply Schedules and Forms to ProFile software. You will learn which schedule applies to each type of company (manufacturing, retail, wholesale and more) and will gain a broad understanding on how to properly fill the information and cut the time you spend on tax preparing in half. The software offers an extensive built-in auditor with real-time auditing tools that instantly flags errors and omissions, double checking everything while you work.