The Computer Networking Career is one of the top 5 careers within North America. Computer networking jobs are one of the few professional fields that were not affected by the last recession. It is an ever-growing field within any industry.

Business and Technical Training College's Network Engineer Specialist Diploma (NES) will help you to build and polish your skill set to be able to plan, design, and rollout a Microsoft Windows Network.

• No previous experience in this field is necessary

In addition to technical knowledge, it is important for IT workers to be able to communicate, handle multi-tasking situations and assess user needs when developing computer-based solutions. BTT’s Network Engineer Specialist Diploma can put you into an entry level IT job, with the right mix of education, skills and experience. Our highly trained graduates are able to perform tasks associated with installing, upgrading and maintaining computer network systems in typical LAN/WAN environment.

• No IT experience is required
• High school diploma (O.S.S.D) or Assessment Test
• Mature student test
• Basic computer skills.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates may begin their careers in Information Technology on a variety of entry-level positions, such as network analyst, computer network technician, help desk analyst and WAN/LAN technician.