What is Second Career Funding?

Second Career is a program that provides funding of up to $28,000 for career/job retraining. This funding is a GRANT, hence does not have to be repaid. However, Second Career funding can only be used for diploma programs. BTT’s diploma programs are recognized and approved by the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges.

You may qualify for Second Career training if:
• You have been unemployed for approximately 4 months or more
• You have exhausted your unemployment benefits but is still unemployed
• Changing career, i.e., worked on a production line, worked in retail etc. but was laid-off

Who Provides the Funding?

Second Career Funding is provided as a joint effort between the Federal and Provincial Governments to help Canadians who have been laid off to retrain and return to the workforce as a skilled worker. If eligible, you may qualify for a grant of up to $28,000 towards training costs including:
• Tuition,
• Books, manuals, workbooks or other instructional costs
• Transportation
• Basic living allowance
• Child care
• Other (if applicable)
• Laid off and working a temporary job just to cover costs

How do you qualify for Second Career?

To qualify you must have been:
• Laid off and have not been working
• Laid off and working a temporary job just to cover costs

Second Career funding is for anyone who is currently collecting EI, or has been collecting Employment Insurance (EI) within the last 5 years.

When preparing your application, you must also show:
• The length of time unemployed, or working a temporary job and looking for work
• Places and positions you have applied for (e.g. cover letters, CV and responses from potential employers)
• The current level of education you have reached (High school, college, some college, university, some university, etc.)
• The companies/places with which you have you worked in past, length of time employed with them and the types of skills you needed for that job
• The skills you want to attain and where you can acquire them
• Current information showing that the skills and training you want are presently in demand

What is Second Career shared cost?

You are required to show the costs to be covered during training with your application for Second Career Funding. Second Career assessment process takes into account your personal living expenses information such as: rent and money in the bank, etc. Second Career will make a decision on how much of the training costs they will fund based on your financial needs assessment.
• Tuition: $10,000 max.
• Living allowance: a percentage based on the number of weeks in the classes
• Travelling cost: $120 max per month

Second Career may also provide funds for some additional incidental costs; however, such decisions are made according to a case by case basis. The maximum amount for each individual who qualifies is $28,000. After reviewing all information submitted, Second Career, Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development – MAESD will make a decision on whether or not you will pay a portion of the training costs. For example, they may ask you to pay for the textbooks or a portion of the cost for the textbooks.

Get skills-training and financial support when you qualify for Second Career.

Business and Technical Training College provides diploma programs from which you may choose:
• Medical Office Administrator
• Network Engineering Specialist
• Computerized Accounting, Taxation and Payroll Administrator

Do you want to apply to Second Career for Funding?

Upon applying to Second Career, you will work with an employment services agency, which will give you an assessment to determine your eligibility. You must reach 16 points from the assessment to be eligible for Second Career Funding.

Request an appointment with a Business and Technical Training College Course Coordinator to determine if you are eligible. Call us at (416) 483-3567